Everything Is Still Here,
2019 - Ongoing

This series has been developed for my solo show at the Maxim Boxer Gallery in Moscow.

A few words about the project:

We show Russian paintings, graphic art from the 1910s from Maxim Boxers Collection together with my painted response to them. We are interested in the pre-modern idea of Expressing a state of mind through landscape paintings.

Today we find ourselves in a mediaworld of constant reflection.
Everything you create as an artist has a Context.  Bildergedächnis.

So you end up not just painting a landscape painting. You quote a certain idea of a landscape painting you already have contextualised in your mind. You are not the media isolated individual. You might even play the role of the artist. You can't express an essence of expression like in the 1910s. Maybe not even they could. To just paint to express emotions almost sounds too silly and naive. The suffering genius artist drowning in alcohol expressing his emotions with wild bruhes of paint on an enormous canvas. That is the media context talking to you.

So the context makes you deconstruct everything. You express irony: Quote pop culture. Wearing mickey mouse shirts ironically. Windows 98 aestetics, 😉 etc. You distance yourself. No real emotions. No drama. It is easy. It is contemporary.

But lets leave that. Apart from our constant media reflection everyones personal life is still very dramatic. You fail, you are miserable, you feel too much, you feel to little, you want to be loved, you are ashamed, you are insecure, you are in pain etc. The simple and truthful personal reflection of all that can result in comedy/Contemporary Stand up.
And you can try to reflect that as a state of mind in a painting.

360 Paintings

From January the 1st until the end of December 2016. Every day one small painting. The project climaxes into a narration.